The Process

Fingerprint jewellery is made by taking the print directly into the precious metal clay as this creates a more personal, well defined print. If you live in Hurstpierpoint or within close proximity, please contact me to arrange a suitable time when I can visit to take the print.

Hand, foot and paw prints can be done via the postal service. Once you have placed your order, I will post a non-toxic, easy to use inkless wipe kit, which you then post back to me. Once received back, I will select the best print to use or use your preferred choice and make your piece and dispatch it within 2 weeks. 

Please note fingerprints cannot be taken of babies under 6 months old as prior to this the fingerprint is not developed enough to take a print.

There are 2 types of thickness to choose from when selecting your pendant - Standard thickness (2mm) or chunky (3mm).

All items include postage within the UK.