Taking Impressions

The Fingerprint Impression Process

We can create your silver fingerprints either by using a safe moulding kit or by pressing them straight into precious metal clay (PMC), a material which once fired becomes 99.9% fine silver. 

Group bookings can be arranged to take several fingerprints in one session or individual prints can be taken at our home near Brighton.

The simple and easy to use moulding kit can be posted to you free of charge, which you then post back to us.
The kit is composed of 2 types of putty which have to be mixed together. Full instructions are sent out with the kit. Please ensure the finger impression is pressed as deeply as possible into the putty.

Fingerprint Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement for taking fingerprints is approximately 6 months old as prior to this a babies fingerprint is not developed enough to print.

Art work and Dinky Doodles

Why not have a piece of your chid's art work impressed into silver and keep it safe forever.

Please email a jpeg of your creations. 

The most effective drawings are the simplest ones!

Little Hand and Footprints

We can set your little one's hand and foot prints into silver too and there are no age restrictions for this service.

You just have to email a jpeg print to us. The print can be done using poster paint or fingerpaints. The darker the print the better so please use dark blue / black paint where possible.

Alternatively we can post a safe and mess-free inkless wipe for free. Inkless wipes were first used in hospitals in America and are 100% safe to use.

If you require an inkless wipe please select this option when you check out in the online shop.