Crystals and Lab Created Gemstones

2mm Gemstones can be set into chunky pieces of jewellery (excluding charms and small pendants).
Type of Crystal
Lab created Cubic Zirconia Gem
Birthstone Month

 Natural Crystals

                                              Black Spinel                           Labradorite                             Moonstone                          Orissa Garnet                           Tigers Eye

 Lab Created Birthstone Gems

                                         January - Garnet                 February - Amethyst              March - Aquamarine           April - Cubic Zirconia                  May - Emerald

                                       June - Alexandrite                      July - Ruby                            August - Peridot               September - Sapphire          October - Tourmaline

                                                                                                                         November - Topaz                 December - Zircon